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Now is the Time for On-Site Massage

Workplace stress costs UK organisations an estimated £12 bn a year. Could on-site massage be a potential solution?

A Short History of Podiatry

Discover the history of Podiatry in this short blog post.

What Happens in a Biomechanical Assessment?

Learn what happens in a Biomechanical Assessment and how it can reveal important information about the body.

How Do You Deal With an Injury That Has Just Occured? | Ask a Sports Therapist

Two short topics this week: How to Deal With an Injury & What is the Most Common Ankle Injury?

A Revolutionary Drop Foot Treatment

The new TurboMed FS3000 is a revolutionary drop foot treatment tested in marathons, triathlons and the Canadian back country.

Which Style of Martial Arts is Most Likely to Lead to a Shoulder Injury?

This week's 'Ask a Sports Therapist' looks at 5 different martial arts and their likelihood of leading to a shoulder injury.

How Much Exercise Would It Take To Burn Off Your Christmas Dinner?

How much food do we really consume on Christmas Day? And what would we need to do to burn it off?

What is the Best Type of Exercise?

Discover why there is no such thing as the 'Best Exercise' and why you should focus on the 'Best Type of Exercise' instead.

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