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Elbow Pain

These examples of elbow pain aim to give you an idea of what people can commonly suffer from. Our qualified clinicians can assess your elbow pain and discuss the best treatment options to help you recover.

Tennis or Golf Elbow

Tennis or Golf Elbow occurs due to the overuse of muscles and tendons around the elbow and forearm and can lead you to suffer from elbow pain. The muscles and tendons in the area can become strained and inflammation may develop at the bony areas on the inside or outside of the elbow. Pain in the outside is known as Tennis Elbow and the inside as Golfers Elbow. Symptoms include pain, swelling and inflammation around the elbow.

Elbow Contracture

Elbow Contracture is common after an elbow injury and can limit the possible range of motion. This can significantly impact on your ability to carry out daily activities . 

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