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Why do my shoes feel small?

Do feet keep growing into old age? We answer this and a few other feet and shoe related questions.

Sense Insoles

The Sense modular Insoles for Professional use

Airmed Textile Foot Drop Orthosis

The Airmed Textile Drop Foot Orthosis is designed to lift the foot during the swing phase of gait. Its aim is to reduce the risk of trips and falls in people suffering from foot drop.

Using orthoses to improve walking difficulties in MS

Many people with MS experience walking difficulties such as a foot drop. Orthotics as often used to help with mobility.

What Are Orthotics?

This guide should help you understand the basics about orthotics and how you can get orthotic products.

Ask the Expert |Running and Running injuries Graham's Tips

We asked our Orthotist Graham some questions about his running history and if he could share some hints and tips about staying injury free. 

What is the difference between Stock, Modular and Bespoke footwear

At the Buchanan Clinic, we provide three different types of footwear stock, modular or bespoke. But what is the difference?

The new Ossur Unloader one X Knee brace

The new Ossur Unloader one X is available at the Buchanan Clinic

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