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The following examples of back pain aim to give you an idea of what people can suffer from. Our fully qualified clinicians are able to assess your condition and discuss appropriate treatment options. You can book an appointment on our website to see a specialist.

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Sciatica involves pain in the lower back which is caused by the nerve becoming trapped or irritated. The pain may also be felt down the leg towards your heel and occasionally numbness can be felt either within the buttock or leg. This can occur due to a slipped disc, injury or infection. Symptoms include pain in the back or down the leg.  There may be patches of numbness on the affected side.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can occur suddenly or gradually. It commonly comes after an awkward movement which causes a pulled or sprained muscle and can resolve within a few weeks. However, if back pain for more than 3 months it’s referred to as chronic back pain. 


A hernia is when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakened area in the muscle or tissue wall. There are different types of hernia abdominal, inguinal and incisional. A bulge can be felt or seen in the area that’s affected. This will tend to cause pain and discomfort. 

Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy back pain may be experienced due to the impact upon posture and increased pressure on the lower back area. There are now options we can offer such as the ‘fembrace’ which may help to relieve this pressure.

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