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A guide to Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO's)

A guide on the design, production and styles available for ankle foot orthoses

Carbon Fibre AFO's and KAFO's

At the Buchanan Clinic our Orthotists have extensive experience with the use of carbon fibre orthoses for AFO's and KAFO's

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses: A quick guide

We asked our Orthotist Graham about Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO’s) and if he could give a quick summary of the options available.

Buchanan Orthotics and Schein

Buchanan Orthotics is working as a UK distributor for Schein

What is knee osteoarthritis (OA)?

Knee Osteoarthritis is a common condition but what is it and how can it be treated?

Footwear adaptions

A guide to some of the footwear adaptions are available at Buchanan Orthotics and Buchanan Clinic

Foot Drop

We run through the orthotic options if you have a foot drop, Covering both stock and custom made devices.

What Happens in a Biomechanical Assessment?

Learn what happens in a Biomechanical Assessment and how it can reveal important information about the body.

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