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Diabetic Foot Care

During the Current restrictions for COVID-19 here are some helpful videos to care for your feet if you are diabetic.

3d Printed insoles

Buchanan Orthotics is pleased to offer 3d printed insoles at our clinics.

Stance Control Orthoses

Stance control orthoses are a class of device that controls the leg during the stance phase of gait.

What to expect from your Orthotic appointment

This post aims to inform you what to expect from your orthotic appointments(s) at the Buchanan Clinic and answer any frequently asked questions.

Winter Training Tips

Things to keep in mind when training in the Winter weather...

How Do You Deal With an Injury That Has Just Occured? | Ask a Sports Therapist

Two short topics this week: How to Deal With an Injury & What is the Most Common Ankle Injury?

How Much Exercise Would It Take To Burn Off Your Christmas Dinner?

How much food do we really consume on Christmas Day? And what would we need to do to burn it off?

5 Tips for Runners to Help Avoid Injuries

Learn 5 tips to help you prevent injuries when running.

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