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Airmed Textile Foot Drop Orthosis

Prim Airmed Textile Foot Drop Orthosis

If you have foot drop there are a number of different orthotic solutions. We often get asked about textile devices and if we think you would be suitable. While we can provide individual clinical advice in an article we can provide some general guidance on the devices available in our store. 

What is an Orthosis?

We have a guide to Orthotics but basically they are external devices applied to the body to brace or support it. 

Our most popular device is the Prim airmed textile foot drop orthosis.

So what is the Prim Airmed Textile foot drop orthosis?

The foot drop brace consists of a fabric ankle wrap that goes around your leg just above the ankle. This is the part that the elastic section that lifts the foot attaches too. It is required to be snugly attached to the leg to prevent it being pulled down by the foot section.

Next there is a clasp that fits between the laces while it works best with laces it can also be used in Velcro shoes with more than one strap It is important that it is facing the correct way in order for the elastic section to attach and pull up the foot. 

What is inside the Box

The last section is the colour coded elastic band. This is the part that will connect the foot and ankle components providing the foot lift

Who is the brace designed for?

The brace is designed for anyone with a foot drop. Foot drop can happen for any number of reasons, MS, Stroke or injury. The brace works best if it is an isolated foot drop so there is no increase in tone, ankle instability or tightness. While the brace may still work if the previously mentioned conditions are present it is better if it is used under the care of a suitable clinician. 

Who is the brace not for?

While the majority of people will do well with the airmed foot drop orthosis it is not suitable for some people. While the following list is not exhaustive it should serve to help you decide if it is not suitable for you

  • Fluctuating swelling
  • Peripheral vascular disease 
  • History of lower leg ulceration
  • Neuropathy
  • Severe ankle instability
  • Spasticity

It is possible to use the brace with some of the conditions listed above after seeking medical advice

Can the Buchanan Clinic provide medical advice?

At our Helen Street facility we run regular clinics where we would be able to advise you after assessment if the brace would be suitable. Our Orthotists would also be able to answer any questions you have or advise of suitable alternatives. We have details of other options in our article on foot drop.

Can I call / email you if I have problems?

Of course you can. We can be reached on 0141 440 1999 or [email protected]. If your brace was provided by the NHS it is best to contact the supplying clinician in the first instance as they will want to know of any issues you are having. 

How do I measure for the device

You need to take a measure at the narrowest point of the leg above the ankle bones.

How do I fit the shoe section

We have made a video to help you

View of brace when fitted

Is there a shoeless section?

If you would like to use the brace without shoes or in more open slip on shoes then you would require the shoeless plantar band

This will wrap around the foot with the hook on the top. While it does not work as well as when attached to laces or Velcro it will allow the use of footwear that would not be possible with the other attachments. 

Do you have a clinic?

We have regular clinics at Helen Street, Glasgow which are undertaken by our experienced Orthotist which can be booked online

What other options are available if I am not suitable?

There are numerous options available for the orthotic treatment of foot-drop. So many we have written another article to cover the basics here

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