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Coyote Dynamic Strut AFO

Coyote Dynamic Strut AFO

At the Buchanan Clinic, we always look for new and innovative products for our patients. Having used carbon fibre strut devices to great effect in the past, we were pleased to see Coyote in the U.S release a product that can be used in plastic which is now available in the UK

The advantage of a strut-based design is it lets us select the best material at the most appropriate location. The Dynamic Strut from Coyote is designed to give you a natural gait as it is designed to flex with you. 

It is made from a responsive composite material Resilergy to provide energy response to get you moving forward.

What Conditions would benefit from using a Dynamic Stut?

  • Stroke Survivors
  • MS
  • CMT
  • CP
  • Foot Drop
  • Ankle Trauma and fractures

Any condition that requires the use of an Ankle Foot Orthosis. If you feel you are being held back by your current Orthosis then an AFO with Dynamic Strut may be what you are looking for. 

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What is the advantage of using a Dynamic Strut?

  • They allow adjustability - We have access to a number of different stiffness of struts so the device can be tuned to achieve the best result.
  • If the strut becomes worn, it can be easily replaced.
  • Splints can be made that are not possible in a single material device

Why make the AFO in plastic?

There are number of advantages to using plastic rather than Carbon fibre as has previously been done

  • Its cheaper to produce resulting in a cost that can be up to a quarter the price of a custom carbon strut AFO.
  • Plastic is adjustable, If a carbon fibre device is rubbing there are limited options to adjust. Plastic however can be heated and adjusted easily

What are the disadvantages in using plastic?

While there are many advantages to using plastic top an bottom sections there are some disadvantages. 

  • The plastic sections will be thicker than their equivalent in carbon fibre
  • It is not suited to high energy activates such are running and jumping

Do you make them?

Yes, all AFOs using the Coyote Dynamic strut are made in our manufacturing facility in Glasgow. 

Do I need an assessment?

The Dynamic Strut can only be used in a custom-made Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). It would require a careful assessment by one of our clinicians, who can advise you if they feel the strut would be suitable. 

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What if I am not suitable?

If, after an assessment, our clinician feels you would not benefit from using a Dynamic AFO they would suggest a suitable alternative. We keep a stock of Carbon Fibre AFO's in the clinic as well as the full range of Turbomed Devices. 

We also manufacture traditional Orthotic devices and can make just about any device. 

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