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Foot Drop

We run through the options if you have a foot drop that requires orthotic treatment or bracing

What is overpronation?

Overpronation is an often blamed foot problem, but what is it and is it important?

Testing our products

At the Buchanan Clinic we like to test any orthotic devices before prescribing them. This is the products that we are currently testing out.

Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis (SAFO)

Buchanan Orthotics is pleased to offer the Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis from Dorset Orthopaedic at the Buchanan Clinic.

Plantar Heel Pain

Plantar Heel pain or plantar fasciits is a common condition which can prove difficult to treat

Covid-19 Update 24/3/20

An update on our Covid-19 response 24/3/20

Covid-19 Update 22/5/20

An update on our Covid-19 response 22/5/20

Covid-19 Update 17/3/20

An update on our Covid-19 response 17/3/20

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