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New Pendulous Abdomen Support

The Prim Pendulous Abdomen Support is made of a lightweight, breathable material that is custom-adjusted to the individual wearer. The brace provides gentle support to the abdomen, helping to lift it and reduce the amount of strain on the back, hips, and breathing.

What is a Pendulous Abdomen?

A Pendulous abdomen is how medical professionals describe a stomach that the abdomen is a protruding. 

It can sometimes be described in appearance as a 'beer belly' but can often be the result of abdominal surgery and the presence of an abdominal hernia. 

Surgically this can be caused by

  • The incision from the surgery not having healed properly, leaving a gap in the abdominal wall.
  • The muscles in the abdominal wall may have been weakened or damaged during the surgery.

Product Description

This is a back support belt for people with a protruding abdomen. It is made of a breathable fabric with two elastic tensioners to provide a snug fit. It also has two paravertebral steel stays, two plastic side stays, and three steel spiral stays in the abdominal area to provide extra support. It is unisex and latex-free.

Do I need an assessment?

While the brace is available for sale we would always recommend an assessment by one of our orthotists to check its suitability and sizing. 

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