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Dynamic Mini Strut

Coyote Mini Strut AFO

After the success of the Dynamic Strut with our patients, we were pleased when Coyote US released the Mini strut, allowing us to use the strut for smaller people and children. 

We see great potential in this strut as it is significantly cheaper than a carbon fibre device but it can give most of the benefits like energy return. 

Who is the Mini Strut for?

The mini strut AFO is designed to be dynamic and push you forward so if you feel your splint is holding you back then this could be the device for you. 

We have used it in children with genetic disorders and Cerebral Palsy to great effect. 

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit is energy return, the dynamic nature of the strut pushes you forward. Also as it is not a fixed device in that it allows some flex it allows for a more natural walking pattern. 

Is it heavy?

While it is heavier than a standard plastic splint due to the spring and dynamic nature most of our patients comment that it feels lighter as it is easier for them to walk. 

How do I get one?

You would need an assessment by one of our clinicians to check you are suitable and that you would get the benefit for using it. 

As it is a custom made device a cast of your leg is required to make the Ankle Foot Orthosis. 

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