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What is the right type of shoe to wear with Orthotic insoles?

It is common in clinic for patients to ask ‘What is the right type of shoe or trainer for an insole’?’

The important part of the shoe/trainer or boot is to offer support to the foot/ankle, which will maximise the potential of the insole.

This is the advice that our orthotist Alanna usually gives her patients:

  • Pick shoe/trainer or boot that has a removable insole. This will allow more room in the shoe to put your insole inside
  • Avoid ‘flat’ shoes! Insoles work better in a shoe/trainer that has a slightly higher heel at the back
  • Firm heel counter. A firmer heel at the back of the shoe/trainer offers more support to the heel
  • Avoid canvas-based shoes as they do not offer a lot of support to the foot
  • Try and wear footwear that has lacing or Velcro and where the tongue can be opened out as will help you get the shoe on easier

If you base your footwear on the above advice, then this will make it easier for an insole to fit inside and offer the correct amount of support and comfort for your feet. 

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