Sports massage and Swedish massage in Glasgow and Edinburgh


Sports Massage

A Sports Massage primarily works on problems caused by athletic performance and training. Your Massage Therapist will work deep into the muscle fibres to release stress, tension and pressure which builds in your soft tissue during physical activity. Our Sports Massage Therapists have 3 main focuses in this treatment:

  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Manipulation 
  • Trigger Point or Pressure Point Therapy

Many sports injuries are brought on by the overuse of muscles and a regular Sports Massage can help to reduce the initial inflammation which often leads to injury. After regular sessions, you can expect to see an increase in your flexibility, mobility and a lower risk of sports injuries. Athletes, from world-class professionals to weekly runners, can all benefit from a regular sports massage to improve their performance.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage uses a deeper pressure than Swedish massage while still using a lot of the same methods to target common areas of pain. Your massage therapist uses deep tissue massage to focus on the deeper layers of the muscle. This type of massage is often used for chronic aches and pain and also to help alleviate tension in various areas such as a stiff neck, upper back and lower back.

With chronic muscle tension or injury, there are areas in the muscle of painful, rigid tissue. These can be found in most types of soft tissue in the body. This tissue can disrupt blood flow, cause pain and limit movement. We can use a deep tissue massage to focus on relieving pain and restoring a normal range of movement to the affected tissue.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage aims to give you relief from stressful pressures of day-to-day life. Swedish Massage provides the psychological benefits of relaxation whilst relieving tension from muscle knots.

Your Swedish Massage will be performed by a soft tissue specialist who manipulates the tissue of the body to reduce muscle spasm, relieve pain and allow you to enjoy well-deserved relaxation or invigoration.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years and is incredibly relaxing. Part of the Hindu health care practice of Ayurveda, Indian head massage focuses on your head, neck and shoulders. It is a deep massage which uses a variety of pressure and techniques that tap into your seven 'chakras' or paths of energy, and encourages healing and balance in your whole body.


Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, tops, and sides of the feet correspond to different areas of the body. In this way, the feet can be seen as a ‘map’ of the body. By applying specialised massage techniques to specific reflex points - using the thumbs, fingers and knuckles – the aim of a reflexology treatment is to help restore balance to the body naturally, and improve general well-being. Some therapists may also work reflex points on the hands, ears and face.

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