Sizes available (cm):

  • XS: 13 – 17
  • S: 17 – 21
  • M: 21 – 25
  • L: 25 – 29

Drop foot produced by neurologic diseases. Ankle instability.

  • Consists of two separated pieces, a supra-malleolar strap over the ankles and a non-slip support union to fix between the tongue and shoelaces by means of a central anchorage hook type. Both parts are linked by an elastic for the traction, adjustable, for a major or minor flexion.
  • On back part of the strap, there is an inner gel pad for a higher comfort on the Achilles tendon, and the instep area is padded to avoid frictions and undesired compressions.
  • Discrete, flexible, it takes no space on the shoe, being easy to fit. To be used with lacing shoe.
  • It has the function to produce dorsal flexion on the take-off phase of gait, indicated in flaccid palsy.

Proper use of Airmed Drop Foot Orthosis requires a correct diagnoses of the causes of pain or complaints. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or specialist before use.

The Textile Drop Foot Orthosis is comfortable and allows adequate flexibility to the foot in the stance phase of gait. It aims to support, compress and stabilise.

Airmed Drop Foot Orthosis

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