Footwear adaptions

Footwear adaptions

The Buchanan Clinic is part of Buchanan Orthotics who have extensive experience in the adaption of footwear be it a raise or a float. Our clinic is based at our production facility where all work is undertaken sometimes while you wait. 

What shoes can be adapted


If you have a leg length difference due to a leg shortening we are able to adapt your own footwear with a raise.

Generally we will try to split the sole unit of the shoe which is often called a sandwich raise. 

However this is sometimes not possible requiring the raise to be added to the bottom of the sole unit.

We can advise you the options when we see the footwear. It is possible to adapt most style of footwear however there are somethings to keep in mind

Complex sole units with shapes and curves can prove difficult to match

We may not be able to match exactly the colour of the sole unit so sticking to black or white can make this easier

Generally we wont adapt high heel shoes

We are unable to split sole units with air bubbles

Floats and wedges

These are adaptions that are added to the side of the shoe to either provide more support or push you over. For example if you have a tendency to go over on your ankle a float on the outside edge of the sole can help reduce the risk of injury.


Sockets are adapted into footwear to allow the user to wear a below knee iron or below knee caliper. There is two main variations of sockets with them coming either round with or without backstops or rectangular. 

Shoe with below knee caliper

Rocker Soles

This involves adding a 'Rocker' into the sole unit. This is often done in cases where there has been an ankle fusion / arthritis or painful big toe joint. The aim of the rocker is to mimic the motion at the ankle or toe joints and aid roll through the foot.

Rocker Soles are also often used with fixed ankle solid AFO's to aid roll over allowing for a smoother gait pattern.

Internal Raises

We also offer internal raises often called heel elevators. These can be either custom made to exact specifications or simple off the shelf devices.

We recommend a maximum of 15mm be used however it may be possible to have more when worn with a boot.

Do I need an assessment

Often people are provided footwear adaptions via the NHS. However, they are limited to a set number they will adapt a year.

If you require a raise and know the exact details of the raise we are happy to adapt your footwear without an assessment. If you speak to your Orthotic department they may provide you with this information. 

If you are unsure of exactly what size of shoe raise we recommend an assessment so our orthotist can recommend the correct height.

Rockers, wedges and floats would all require an assessment however there may be exceptions for example if the NHS has sent us your footwear to be adapted in the past. 

How do I get my footwear to you

If you are local you can drop the footwear off at reception in Helen Street, Glasgow. We would recommend contacting us prior to do this to check we have the required information

If you are not local we are happy for you to post them to us. Again please contact us prior to sending them.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Call: 0141 440 1999

Address: 603 Helen Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G51 3AR

Online Booking:  Buchanan Clinic Appointments


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