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BAPO 2021

The Buchanan Clinic is pleased to announce our Orthotist Graham Dunn is presenting at this year’s Virtual BAPO conference in October. 

The presentation was initially booked for the 2020 conference which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. His presentation will be on footwear adaptations, biomechanics and the application of these clinical adaptations. 

Graham has presented at numerous conferences on subjects ranging from running injuries to Orthopaedic footwear manufacturing. 


Footwear adaptions are an often-underused clinical tool however when used and done correctly can have a great impact on a person’s life.  

Adaptions are often poorly taught to Orthotists who often rely on basic adaptions and can have difficulties specifying them accurately. We aim to cover the clinical reasoning behind some sole adaptions as well as technical insight to achieve the best result for patient.  

So, both technician and clinician can understand the science and clinical reasoning behind these adaptions. 

Graham Dunn Bio:

Since graduating in 2004 Graham has worked in several different clinical settings. Starting his career working in the Midlands with Ottobock before moving to Leicester with Blatchfords.

More recently he was employed in the Private sector for Dorset Orthopaedic and Ottobock as a clinical specialist Orthotist. This work lead to a specialism in Stance control Orthosis and Custom Carbon fibre devices.

Graham currently works for Buchanan orthotics in a development role focusing on emerging technology’s within footwear and orthotic production.

In addition to this he provides cover to NHS clinics as well as undertaking Private and Expert witness work. 

About BAPO 2021

The British Association of Prosthetist and Orthotist annual conference is returning this year as a virtual conference in October 2021.

There will be live feeds on the day which will allow you to be involved in the talks and the Q&A session, whilst our direct messaging system and chatrooms will allow you to contact the speakers directly, rather than waiting around to catch them. There will also be an opportunity to access recordings of the talks for a limited period following the event, increasing your flexibility to view all the talks which interest you. This new feature will allow you to play back talks you’ve seen as many times as you like, allowing you to fully immerse yourself and focus on what is being said and done, rather than taking notes.

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