One size available. Circumference 23 - 27cm.
  • In the case of early functional therapy for injuries to the medial or lateral ankle ligaments
  • Follow-up treatment of conservative or operated ankle fractures 
  • In the case of residual or other instability (increased tendency to sprain)
  • To prevent (recurrence of) ankle ligament injuries

Proper use of the Aequi Junior requires a correct diagnoses of the causes of pain or complaints. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or specialist before using the brace. 

If this brace is to function effectively it is important:

  • to follow the washing instructions
  • that the elastic material can still be stretched
  • the Velcro fastens efficiently 
  • the brace is not severely damaged (no tears or loose seams)
  • the brace is not subjected to temperatures higher than 70 degrees

The Push Ortho Ankle Brace Aequi Junior (or simply Aequi Junior) strikes a good balance between effective mechanical support and good wearer comfort for cases of (sub-)acute or chronic ankle injury. The brace was designed for children of 6 to 12 years of age (with shoe sizes of approximately 30-36 (EUR) which is 23-27 cm instep). 

The Aequi Junior stabilises the ankle joint during inversion as well as eversion and in both neutral and flexed positions. The freedom of dorsal and plantar flexion is sufficiently maintained to allow normal walking. Optimal functioning of the brace is achieved when it is worn in a sturdy (lace-up) shoe.

The shell, which forms the basis of the brace, provides optimal support for the ankle in a simple and comfortable manner. Diagonal straps, made of non-elastic material, ensure adequate mechanical support, while elastic straps provide the correct compression.

Push Ortho Ankle Brace Aequi Junior

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