To fit the brace:

  1. Place the brace around your foot. The rigid part is on the inside of the foot. Put the long straps to the sides
  2. Fasten the diagonal strap
  3. Take hold of the elastic strap at the outside of the foot. Pull this diagonally across the instep, wrap it around the ankle just above the heel and fasten in place 
  4. Finally take hold of the elastic strap on the inside of the foot.
 Pull this from the instep across the top of the foot, wrap it around the ankle over the first strap & fasten in place. The instep is the lower part of the foot which is where the strap starts.

Circumference (cm)
27 - 31
31 - 34
34 - 40

  • Serious (residual) instability (under high stress)
  • Treatment of acute lateral ankle ligament lesions
  • Follow-up treatment of conservative or operated ankle fractures.
  • Arthrosis with instability without accumulation of fluid
  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesions (under high stress without accumulation of fluid)

The efficient use of Push Aequi ankle orthosis depends on the correct diagnosis of the reasons for pain or instability. Always check first with your doctor, a physiotherapist or another specialist before using an orthosis.

If this orthosis is to function effectively it is important:

  • To follow the washing instructions
  • That the elastic material can still be stretched
  • The Velcro fastens efficiently
  • The orthosis is not severely damaged (no tears, loose seams)
  • The orthosis is not subjected to temperatures higher than 70° C
  • Please be aware that an ill-fitting brace does not function properly

The Push Aequi is an ankle brace which combines efficient mechanical support of a disabled ankle and great wearer comfort. This ankle brace is easy to use and gives a great level of comfort and support. 

The Push Aequi can be used in the functional treatment of ankle injuries and as a long-term support in cases of chronic ankle instability. Inversion/eversion movement is restricted while plantar/dorsal flexion allows adequate freedom. This means that no inhibition is felt during normal walking and running.

It’s worn over the sock and is best worn with a laced-up shoe making it ideal for supporting ankles during sports where a shoe or boot is worn

Push Ortho Aequi Ankle Brace

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