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Measurements (cm)
14 - 18
18 - 22

Thumb Accessory: It allows the immobilisation and stabilisation of the thumb joint, when necessary.

Long: Offers firm support and relieves the carpometacarpal joints. Helps the patient to limit movements which can cause injury or pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

Proper use of the Long Wrist Brace requires a correct diagnoses of the causes of pain or complaints. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or specialist before using the brace.

Long wrist brace with metal strips. The wrist brace is made in breathable velour using last generation materials (3 layers: foam, velour, sponge). Locking system by velour straps, pins and microhook closure. The central strap allows the possibility to adapt completely wrapping around the forearm or if needed, it can be cut to get a single closure.

Long Wrist Brace

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