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Endurance Cyclist Mark Beaumont visits the Buchanan Clinic

We had the pleasure of a visit from Douglas from 3DorthoPro who were looking for assistance in arranging an assessment of the amazing Mark Beaumont

Mark, Douglas and Graham

Our Orthotist Graham and Douglas Young from 3DorthoPro provided a full biomechanical assessment with pressure analysis to provide a truly custom-designed 3d Printed device to aid Mark on his many adventures. 

Once designed, the insoles were fitted at our Edinburgh clinic, which allowed Mark to cycle to the appointment.

Over the past two decades, Mark has pushed the limits of endurance, spoken at thousands of events and worked in over 100 countries. Amongst other Guinness World Records, he remains the fastest person to have cycled around the planet. Marks' passion for entrepreneurship takes him into a range of businesses, backing innovation and advising growth.

About 8Sole 3d Printed Insoles

8Sole 3d Printed insoles are available from the Buchanan clinic after a Biomechanical Assessment by a member of our clinical staff. Made to either a direct 3d scan of the foot or other shape capture method such as foam box the insoles can contain unique features not available in other insoles. Where appropriate the clinician can select areas that flex to allow the optimal function of the foot or add cutting edge heel stabilisers. 

Heel Stabiliser

About 3dOrthoPro

3D Ortho Products is the UK representative for Invent Medical’s products.

Owned and managed by clinical Orthotists with over 70 years combined experience, the management of 3D Ortho Products know and understand the complexities of seamlessly developing and delivering award winning products to clinicians for the benefit of their patients and clients.

As assessment, scanning, model development and 3D printing technologies advance, 3D Ortho Products is proud to be offering Invent Medical’s leading edge products and services to UK orthotic prescribers.

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