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How Do You Deal With an Injury That Has Just Occured? | Ask a Sports Therapist

Two short topics this week: How to Deal With an Injury & What is the Most Common Ankle Injury?

Frequently Asked Questions on Fitness, Strength and Training.

Ever wondered why you’re not loosing weight even though you’ve been going to the gym three times a week? Many of our clients do. So we’ve put together a Q & A blog on all things fitness, training and strength.

Which Style of Martial Arts is Most Likely to Lead to a Shoulder Injury?

This week's 'Ask a Sports Therapist' looks at 5 different martial arts and their likelihood of leading to a shoulder injury.

What Advice Can You Give to Someone with a Hamstring Injury?

This 'Ask a Sports Therapist' question comes from Justin who has a weak hamstring after an injury doing squats. Our Sports Injury Therapist has some thoughts.

How Often Should I Train for Strength?

In the first of our Ask a Sports Therapist series, Sports Injury & Rehabilitation specialist Connor McLean discusses how often you should train for strength, how to compare power in different people and why muscles get bigger. Submit your question on Facebook and see it answered on our blog.

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