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Edinburgh Clinic

After a short hiatus, the Buchanan Clinic is returning to the East Coast of Scotland with a new Satellite clinic in Edinburgh.

The Clinic is associated with Balanced Physiotherapy and based at the idyllic Royal Burgess Golfing Society grounds overlooking the 18th green.

Balanced is the place to get better and offer a range of services from Physiotherapy to Pilates classes. 

Buchanan Clinic and Balanced Edinburgh have a shared ethos to make you better than you currently are. 

At the Royal Burgess, we provide the same Orthotic and Biomechanical assessment we provide in Glasgow, utilising our experience in this area. 

We will still provide pressure analysis with our mobile RsScan pressure plane to provide computerised gait analysis to help diagnose any present issues. 

At the Buchanan Clinic, we are Specialists in Biomechanical issues and Orthotic treatment with access to cutting edge splints and devices. 

The clinic opens on the 15th of July 2021 and you can book your appointment now online or give us a call to arrange a consultation

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