Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Footcare during the COVID-19 outbreak

During the COVID-19 pandemic access to certain services may be limited to reduce the stain on the NHS as well as to slow the spread of the virus. There are lots on helpful online resourceful to help you care for yourself during these difficult times. 

It is important that you follow all advise given by your healthcare team in regards to you diabetes and footcare. The information below is for general advise and assistance and you should talk to your clinical team prior to making any changes. 

We strongly recommend if you have diabetes you follow all government and NHS advice during this outbreak.


DiabetiesUK has guides dedicated to the outbreak at


Buchanan Orthotics has not produced or created any of these videos or guides and are not resposnible for any of the content in them. We will provide links to the original website or creator where possible. 

Diabetes UK has guides on Diabetic Footcare and health advice


Torbay Council has produced a number of video guides on a number of subject that you may find helpful and can be access at


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Diabetic foot complications Moderate Risk

Diabetic foot complications High risk

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