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Our Sports Injury Clinics in Edinburgh and Glasgow aim to discover the cause of your injury and the best way to rehabilitate it. A wide range of sports injury conditions can potentially affect not only your sports performance but also impact on your daily life in work or at home. It’s our main priority that everyone who comes into our Sports Injuries Clinic can begin the road to recovery as soon as possible.

In your first appointment, we’ll take you through a sports injury assessment to understand your injury and its root cause. After the assessment, we'll discuss with you the best way to rehabilitate the injury depending on your lifestyle and goals. For example, options to rehabilitate your injury could include a combination of sports massage, a tailored rehabilitation programme or trigger point therapy. We generally use a mixture of specialist clinical techniques, advice and home exercises to aid the recovery process.

We’ll happily answer any questions you have about the injury and what you should expect in terms of recovery. Treatment for your injury begins in your first appointment.

See our Guide to Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Glasgow and Edinburgh to find out more about what to expect from our appointments.

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    Other Sports Injury Options

    As we have a large Orthotics department and manufacturing centre, we can offer sports injury options such as biomechanical assessments and orthotics products.

    Biomechanical Assessments

    Our Biomechanical Assessments are taken by experienced orthotists who are trained to assess conditions and help you decide on the best treatment option. Biomechanical assessments can also help you find out more about Find out more about what happens in a biomechanical assessment.


    At Buchanan Clinic, we supply orthotic services to the NHS across the UK and have worked with various sports teams in Scotland. If you have a sports injury, you would only be better seeing an orthotic specialist if you were interested in finding out whether bracing, supports or foot orthotics (such as insoles or shoes) would be beneficial for you.

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